Chemtrail Report: December 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!! We made it to another one!!!

Merry Christmas Folks,

Today's chemtrail report is on the day before Christmas. I hate to report gloom and doom at such a wonderful time of year, but it's the job I promised I would do. On the upside, we've made it to another Christmas! Hallelujah!

Today-  12/24/2010

The skies of Tennessee today, are covered completely. These large white jets sprayed all night last night, left to reload and have come back again. They are wearing our skies out. We can only hope the pilots and their bosses get the same benefits we do, from working around all these toxic heavy metals and chemicals that they're spraying.

There is so much "Chemtrail" spray in the air, the fine particulate matter is falling in wisps of extremely fine material, almost like a veil or fog.   You can see it in the air everywhere, even around our homes here in the valley we live in. And, as far as the eye can see. There is no blue left, only a milky, whitened sky, from horizon to horizon. No more blue sky or sunshine, like earlier this morning. Nashville and all surrounding areas for over a hundred miles, are blanketed with these sprayed fake cloud materials.

I am hearing reports from everywhere. Everyone is coughing and hacking, throats are sore, eyes are itching, major sinus irritation and mucous membranes so sensitive, it's almost like they are getting "thinner". Sores around the mouth, nose, etc. that don't heal as quickly as they used to. Doctors can't seem to do anything to cure it. These reports are coming in more and more everyday. A large percentage of these reports are from people that heve never smoked a cigarette in their life. Violently irritated respitory and sinuses seems to be among the main complaints.

Just to remind... The side effects of breathing in nano sized particles of aluminum, barium and thorium are:
  1. Absent minded, no consistent concentration
  2. Memory inconsistent
  3. Dementia
  4. Immune system definciency
  5. Alzheimers disease
  6. Neurological disorders
There are a number of other side effects as well. We don't know the overall effects on respitory, mucous membrane and sinus systems, but one thing for sure; it isn't normal or good for any living organism. It is killing fish, other aquatic life (fish food), animals and birds, etc. It is poisoning our water nationwide and further and the real estate we grow our food supplies on. It is raising the PH of the soils to the point various crops won't grow where they used to. There you have it... our food supply, water and our air. It doesn't get anymore serious than that with one exception: our health.

There is an  excellent new documentary out by Michael Murphy "What In The World Are They Spraying", that explains this Global spraying project in detail. Highly recommended to see and understand. Buy it at and learn.

This massive Global geoengineering project is affecting everything and everyone. If medical science is correct about the effects of the huge amount of these chemicals being sprayed on us, 2011 will not end well. Everyone will suffer from this. Learn and be proactive. If this isn't stopped, evolution as we know it will be changed forever. It can and will kill us.

Above all this rises the spirit of another wonderful Christmas!

On the day before Christmas, I awoke in surprise
They’d been up all night spraying the skies
Milky wisps and long colored plumes
With trails of glitter and barium too!

I look to the South, I look to the West
Lo and behold they’ve done their best yet
Spraying Chemtrail clouds to cover the blue
No one is sure why they do what they do.

They made real sure and sprayed once again
A few final passes, to fill it all in
With a wink of an eye, as the sun came up
They headed for home, for that last Christmas rush!

They must be pleased, they’ve done a good job
As the sprinkles float down over Sugar Tree Knob
There will be no worries, so take a deep breath
A lovely grey day from those who bring death.

The village lives on and the people rejoice
No matter the challenge, they still see a choice
To love one another and respect as we can
It’s Christmas again, just like we planned!


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another devastating health issue from Chemtrails! A scientist's comment!

Hi Ax,
During the last chemtrail siege, the number of obituaries about doubled, too.  Always goes up for a week after spraying.

A local LVN reports levels of autism and neural disorders in children at 1 out of 112 and 1 out of 75 in northern Ca and S. Oregon

Children are the new canaries in the coal mine, not to mention lung problems; takes about 2-3 days for the spray to descend, then the coughing and dying starts varies.


The COTO REPORT ON CANCUN and the history of chemtrails!

The COTO REPORT ON CANCUN and the history of chemtrails!*This link has vanished a number of times. “They” must not want it to be available to the public.


It just keeps getting worse. How long before we are all in the hospital?

Javigar is Spanish and the videos are also but you get the picture!
Javigar from Madrid Spain writes,
I certainly will not get lost.

TE perplexed, IS AN AUTHENTIC SPECTATOR CLOUDS CLEAR, see how the chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere is literally eat the clouds, OF COURSE TO CHECK, HE SLIGHTLY INCREASED SPEED.

*These videos show some of the effects these patents produce. The content of these aerosol sprays are very bad for agriculture and living organisms. Causing drought conditions and killing plant and cellular life, are byproducts of these sprays.

TENNESSEE- 12/10/2010

For months, here in Tennessee, they have absolutely worn the skies out. They are spraying so much material in the sky it is blanketing the sky from horizon to horizon. If this stuff is as bad for you as the scientist are saying it is, the public is going to be “hit” health wise, all at once.
Then, I guess everyone will take notice.
Yesterday must have been Chemtrail alert day. I also got an email from a friend in S. America, who sent an article with some of the best information I have seen yet on the subject.

It is filled with links that are excellent and tells how the UN has already passed a resolution to stop the spraying but the USA is ignoring it, and all for the money.
It is all about the global warming carbon credit trading market. 191 countries have formed a new bank with the USA in which the US has over 2 million voting shares. The next down the line is 500,000 shares. I hadn’t heard anything about this “new bank” until I started poring through the minutes of the Cancun “G” meeting that ended yesterday.

What this means to me is that the Corporation of the United States (for profit), is using all the property and resource assets of America, including us a tax income base. This is the only thing that makes sense dollar wise.
Point is, these people want all that carbon credit trading money and they want it now. This is our government folks and they have converted our country into a corporate run business for profit, with Washington self delegated as the Board of Directors of this corporation.
A bad deal for Americans and a great deal for the financial institutions that bought Obama into office. Then he followed suit by bring in the rest of his crew. They are blanketing our atmosphere with tons upon tons of toxic metals, thorium and barium. TONS!!!!!


Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said, "This week has got us closer to a structured set of decisions that can be agreed on, in Cancun ... This is the greatest societal and economic transformation that the world has ever seen."

Here is one of the best reports I’ve seen yet:

By Rady Ananda

In Cancun, Mexico, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is under pressure to overturn the UN ban on chemtrails. This would dissolve an agreement reached in October at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity conference in Japan. In that landmark decision, the 193-member CBD agreed by consensus to a moratorium on geoengineering projects and experiments.

The US has not agreed to it. Citing profits, the US further refuses to cut greenhouse gas emissions attributed to global warming, the purported concern of the United Nations. Instead, it seeks to expand its geoengineering projects for which hundreds of patents have already been filed. (See sampling below.)
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) opened the Cancun conference last week by discussing geoengineering options that will be further explored in Peru later this year. Such environmental modification (ENMOD) programs include putting mirrors in space, iron seeding the oceans, planting genetically modified forests, and chemtrailing the skies. Of course, all of these activities are already well underway.

The next UN climate change assessment report, AR5, is due out in November of 2014. It will include geoengineering options, said Indian businessman and economist, Rajendra Pachauri, who chairs the IPCC. In his introductory comments in Cancun, he stated, “The scope of the AR5 has also been expanded over and above previous reports, and would include, for instance, focused treatment of subjects like clouds and aerosols, geo-engineering options,” and the usual climate related issues.
Shady Science and Corporate Profits.

The IPCC has been condemned for inflating temperature records and exaggerating estimates of glacial retreat. IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri has also been criticized for his “extensive interests in companies that stand to benefit from carbon trading,” and for using his position “to attract major funding to his own organization, The Energy and Resources Institute2 (TERI), known previously (and concurrently by some), as the Tata Energy Research Institute,” noted the Science and Public Policy Institute in an April 2010 investigative report entitled, “Dr Rajendra Pachauri and the IPCC – No Fossil Fool.”

The Tata Group, “has a total market capitalization worldwide of some $77 billion, with major involvement in energy and energy-related industries, including carbon trading,” reports SPPI.

Tata is also linked to India’s war on tribes. Ongoing corporate ecoterrorism and land grabs led world-renowned author Arundhati Roy to agitate on behalf of indigenous peoples, demanding freedom for the people of Kashmir’s disputed territory. Last week, Delhi filed charges against her for defense of tribes characterizing it as “waging war against the state.” Corporate dominance was slowed, however, when a ‘real Avatar tribe’ won a stunning victory over mining giant, Vedanta Resources, last August. (See the 11-minute, award-winning film, “Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain.”)

It bears repeating that the man connected to Tata, Mr. Rajendra Pachauri, chairs the IPCC which advises the UN on climate actions.

Global governance on geoengineering has a history of profiteering. See, e.g., Chief sponsor of landmark climate manipulation conference maintains close financial ties to controversial geo-engineering company, by Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 18 Mar 2010. For a partial list of patents for stratospheric aerial spraying programs from 1917 thru mid-2003, see Lori Kramer’s Patently Obvious: A Partial History of Aerosol and Weather Related Technologies.”

In CASE ORANGE: Contrail Science, Its Impact on Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies,” researchers revealed that “the proposed scenario by the IPCC in 2001 is identical to the claims” in Hughes Aircraft’s 1991 patent. Hughes was acquired by Raytheon, a major defense contractor, in 1997.

Delivery systems aren’t the only types of patents related to chemtrails. Aluminum is part of the various metal-chemical cocktails sprayed and is highly toxic to plants, therefore representing a serious threat to normal agriculture. For over thirteen years, biotech scientists have researched aluminum resistant genes in plants, finally isolating one in 2007. Today, a “new generation of genetically engineered crop research” seeks to develop aluminum-resistance in commercial crops.

Environmental watchdog ETC Group* notes in its 56-page report, “Geopiracy: The Case Against Geoengineering,” that, “there is a complex web of connections between big capital and the global technofixers, comprised of researchers, multinational corporations and small start-ups, the military establishment and respected think tanks, policy makers and politicians. The non-profit institutions that promote geoengineering are well connected with the private sector.”

On December 6th, energy and environmental ministers from around the world began meeting to discuss a “balanced package of decisions.” Louise Gray at The Telegraph advises, “It is generally agreed that a global deal to cut emissions is unlikely.”
Instead, these UN meetings on climate change appear to be more about protecting pollutive industry practices and promoting another environmentally toxic industry: geoengineering. It would almost be laughable except for the homicidal and ecocidal affect of such plans.

*Blogger Cassandra Anderson recently noted that the ETC Group is partly funded by the Ford Foundation, “known for supporting depopulation.” So far, ETC has adamantly opposed geoengineering, as well as genetic engineering, both suspected depopulation tools. However, ETC also denies current ENMOD activities, saying “there is no actual deployment to govern.”

In “Confronting the ‘futuristic’ branding of geoengineering,” mass perception management and the ETC Group are explored in more detail.
Rady Ananda’s work has appeared in several online and print publications. She holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from The Ohio State University’s School of Agriculture. Using years of editorial experience and web publishing, Rady now promotes the ideas and work of a select group of quality writers and artists at Food Freedom and COTO Report.

December 9, 2010

GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 36, L19703, doi:10.1029/2009GL039209, 2009
Benefits, risks, and costs of stratospheric geoengineering
Alan Robock, Allison Marquardt, and Ben Kravitz
Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University,
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Georgiy Stenchikov

Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University,
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Now at Department of Environmental Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology,
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

[1] Injecting sulfate aerosol precursors into the stratosphere has been suggested as a means of geoengineering to cool the planet and reduce global warming. The decision to implement such a scheme would require a comparison of its benefits, dangers, and costs to those of other responses to global warming, including doing nothing. Here we evaluate those factors for stratospheric geoengineering with sulfate aerosols. Using existing U.S. military fighter and tanker planes, the annual costs of injecting aerosol precursors into the lower stratosphere would be several billion dollars. Using artillery or balloons to loft the gas would be much more expensive. We do not have enough information to evaluate more exotic techniques, such as pumping the gas up through a hose attached to a tower or balloon system. Anthropogenic stratospheric aerosol injection would cool the planet, stop the melting of sea ice and land-based glaciers, slow sea level rise, and increase the terrestrial carbon sink, but produce regional drought, ozone depletion, less sunlight for solar power, and make skies less blue. Furthermore it would hamper Earth-based optical astronomy, do nothing to stop ocean acidification, and present many ethical and moral issues. Further work is needed to quantify many of these factors to allow informed decision-making.
Received 21 May 2009; revised 17 August 2009; accepted 20 August 2009; published 2 October 2009.

Keywords: geoengineering.
Index Terms: 1616 Global Change: Climate variability (1635, 3305, 3309, 4215, 4513); 0370 Atmospheric Composition and Structure: Volcanic effects (8409); 1630 Global Change: Impacts of global change (1225); 1620 Global Change: Climate dynamics (0429, 3309).


Chemtrails abound!! 11/20-2010


Well folks, here in Tennessee, we thought we were getting a little break but it was noticed that late last night, against a very full moon, there were at least 6 planes going at it after dark. They must not have remembered that the full moon could give them away.

The trails filtered down from on top of a true cloud cover today, all day. It looked like cumulus clouds being mixed with cirrus clouds, which as many know, is impossible.

California is reporting far more excess in their spraying out there. They are saying that they spraying is so intense that sometimes you can’t even tell where the horizon begins and the ground starts. It is a grey mass of cloud cover blanketing Northern California.

I feel sorry for those folks. We had the same thing here most all summer and heaven knows what side effects this will deliver in time.


Commentary on Chemtrails 12/7/2010

11/07/10 West Virgina

Heard on your show yesterday - when the guy from W Virginia called. I grew some great Virginia tobacco this year - (seed from W Virginia )

I THINK YOUR RIGHT ON THE MONEY - The bastards are targeting Americas food production - No wonder about what happened in the gulf of Mexico ---Accident ? Just so they can peddle their worthless Monsanto GMO seed and GMO fish-

They are insane because if they kill everyone with this Aluminum- Who will buy their food ?

They are burning the GMO corn fields in Europe - maybe the owners of Monsanto and Raytheon should get burned too-

I Say - Off With Their Heads !!!!!!!!!!!

and I want my Statue of Liberty Back!


California 10/29/2010

Hi Ax,

During the last chemtrail siege, the number of obituaries about doubled, too. Always goes up for a week after spraying.

A local LVN reports levels of autism and neural disorders in children was at 1 out of 112 and now it’s 1 out of 75 in northern Ca and S. Oregon.

Children are the new canaries in the coal mine, not to mention lung problems; takes about 2-3 days for the spray to descend, then starts the coughing and varies.


10/30/2010 Jamestown, Tennessee

8:45a.m. Spraying right now over Jamestown, TN. Chem-trails everywhere. Called local sheriff office and reported the strange Chem-trails, told him to look at sky over them. Stated he would call someone.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

A Murfreesboro resident- it’s just awful!

A report just came in that, ‘We were headed for Walmart and there were no less that 70-75 x’s, stripes, tic tac toe grids and even double x’s. Extremely long lines today being sprayed at a much, much lower altitude.’

I felt great when I woke up but 2 hours after returning from going out, my throat feels like it’s been chemically burned. Raw meat. It’s terrible, my throat feels like it’s been scalded and my nose is burning.

They are still laying the lines of these sprayed “clouds” down everywhere. I have never seen it like this in the last 6 years I have been watching them do this.

I need to plant my new mums but I’m afraid to go out in this, there is so much stuff in the air.’

Nashville, Tennessee

Another report: ‘I am a devout newspaper reader and as morbid as it may sound, I read the obituaries every day and have for years. I have watched these airplanes for about 6 years now and noticed that every time there is a heavy spraying, the obituaries go from 18-20 deaths, to as high as 87.

This is Nashville’s #1 paper, the Tennessean. I have watched this and about 3-10 days after a major spraying bout, the obituaries skyrocket. I am very concerned. Everybody in my family is coughing and hacking. My mother is usually vibrant, and is going to bed now at 5 or earlier. She has been coughing up what looks like little hard pieces of plastic and never smoked in her life.

I don’t know what this is all about, but between being a permanent supporter of Ibuprofen manufacturers for my permanent new sinus headache, and constant fatigue from hacking all day, I am worn out.

Something is happening in my joints also, that I’ve never had before.

10-30-2010- This is Saturday afternoon, from Woodbury, Tennessee, about 50 miles from Nashville.

As you can see, this is NOT your contrail that dissolves or evaporates. This is a chemtrail that hangs, floats and joins together with other trails, to form “fake cloud” banks. This all was within a 4 hour window.

This may seem a harmless and cool project until you know what these “fake” clouds contain. That is where we have a major problem. The content has been tested and in 99% of the tests, contains poisons and heavy metals that are dangerous for living organisms and highly invasive to our land and wildlife. It kills living organisms and cells.


HAARP FIRED??? Scared the locals!

10-30-2010- This is Saturday morning from a “hollow” out in the woods, with about a 35 degree angle of visibility.

Tennessee 10-23-10.

Haarp, FIRED? Observed chem-trails over Pall Mall, TN. 7:00 p.m. until 9:00p.m. or so, by large planes. Also seen by the kids. It looked like a net over the world (as far as the eye could see!). Then from the North a V shaped beam? Later it looked like a bubble and dissipated. I had never heard of HAARP. It was so scary the next day, I looked up odd con-trails on u-tube and saw the patterns of actual CHEMTRAILS like we observed. I called MSNBC and reported what we had seen.

It was a grade school get together in the woods, behind the Sergeant York house. Lots of children were there including MINE! My father was a 32 year USAF MP and I have seen lots of planes, but never a con-trail pattern (net) around the world. It looked like a balloon being blown up into space.

Everyone thought it was weird and IT SCARED the Hell out of me. I knew it was not natural. You are the only other person that has seen this. We just had some, if not the worst weather in history. Our temp was 35-40f and the next nite, near 80F. Weird!


They are pumping the Chemtrails into us!!! 10-22010

California – South America 10/27/2010

Hello Mark,
Thanks for getting this important and alarming data to Howard. Perhaps Howard might want to put you on the air with this health data?

On Oct 26, 2010, at 6:14 PM, Mark McCandlish wrote:

You are correct; there have been scientific studies conducted, but they DO know how this will all turn out. Do a Google search under the heading: "Toxicological Effects of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles". You will find a site that shows the study (click on the link) that was conducted by the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio between June of 1993 and March of 2001 under the Human Efficiency Program and is filed as an unclassified document with the Defense Technical Intelligence Center (DTIC).

Note the names of the scientists involved in nanoparticle studies. Their names surface over and over again in this arena. Google their names to see other studies they've been involved in. The magnitude of the research into the effects on humans is rather startling. None of it good from my initial examination of it...

It described the toxicological effects on rat "alveolar Macrophages" (white blood cells-- part of the immune system). Exposure to nanoparticles of Aluminum Oxide inhibits or stops macrophage phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is the process whereby a white blood cell detects a pathogen or other invasive object in your body, and engulfs it; then carries it out through the kidneys and urinary tract. If you can stop this process, you can make the organism (human beings) that employs this method of immune response more vulnerable to infection. There are other immune responses, like your killer T-cells of course, but exposure to certain sizes of Aluminum oxide nanoparticles will suppress your immune system. They even dialed in which sizes work the best. It also affects the activity of the Mitochondria INSIDE your cells that gobble up toxins that are harmful. If the chemtrail spraying campaign began in 1997-8, then it means they already had some idea that this practice was going to be harmful. And they're doing it anyway!

Some further reading on my part indicates that food grade Bentonite clay powder in capsules (yes, the same stuff in kitty litter!) and a supplement called EDTA has the ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals-including Mercury and Aluminum inside your body and carry it out through the digestive system. From discussions I've had, with people in the know, it will also absorb other "helpful" minerals in your system, so supplementation with a good multivitamin is also a good idea.

Warm regards to all,
Mark McCandlish
Redding California

California science reply 10/27/2010

Mr Axtell:

This man's statement has a ring of truth. For enzyme attachment to neurons or other human cells, certain sizes of these nanoparticles fit better than others as a sort of "Mock Replacement" that fits but won't work. This is one of the causes and/or complication items of prion diseases such as Mad Cow, Autism, Parkinsons, and some immune-deficiency diseases. I'm not sure I'm getting that right, but so it was explained to me by Dr. Leo, a PhD in Chemistry. I only have a MS in Zoology, which is yet enough to grasp the biological problem, if not explain it fully. Where is the EIS for what these gun guys are spraying?



Major Chemtrail action- Nationwide!!

Chemtrail Report

A couple pictures from here in Tennessee- 10/17/2010
These are the results of about 3 hours of spraying. This is what happens after the aircraft lay out all those lines, when they spread apart and join together. Look familiar? More to follow. Send in your pics!

Statement from a 35 year USDA scientist.

The patent is owned by a Mr. Welsbach, who leased it to the military (Raytheon), and they do the spraying. Principal patent components are nano particles of aluminum, barium, and strontium oxides, possibly also hydroxides of Al. Google and good luck. This is also what you get in the EPA lab rain water samples. Figures....


US PATENT #5003186. Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction of Global Warming. Patented March 26, 1991.

From Florida

Yes Howard, the chemical spraying is affecting our largest river here in North Florida, the ST. Johns. We have had massive fish kills, something they call algae blooms. I had never heard of until last year, and as I told you before, it is affecting my health, sinuses, etc., mostly a lot of fatigue. I have always been a go getter'. I have friends who are having some of the same symptoms and one that is bed ridden, she used to eat a lot of fish from local creeks, now she can hardly eat at all, been bedridden for about 4 years now. She also has asthma. So, yes, I think the bastards are trying to kill us. Did I mention that the soil is so dry and thin that the crops around here did nothing this summer? I have a friend who has planted a winter crop, will let you know later how it grows. Anyway, my contribution.

From California

An update: All the NOAA forecasts have been radically changed for the next few months. Only a week plus ago, the NOAA maps showed no rain till at least NOV and then only spotty rain.

Now, in that same week, we not only are experiencing deluge, the forecasts for the next three plus months have radically been changed. They show a loads of precipitation for the next two weeks + and more than average for the next three months. Have they changed the scheduled weather for us?

Two PH tests on the rain from yesterday showed normal PH. (No aluminum oxide which dramatically raises rain PH. No aluminum, PH of about 5.6, with al, as high as 6.8. A difference of 12 times toward alkaline). The rain PH tests have matched lab aluminum tests completely. Are they using other components for weather mod? I spent four hours out in the rain yesterday and heard only 1 jet the entire time. During other precipitation events, when the PH is high, the sound of passing jets never dies. Literally many dozens of flyovers would be heard during the same time frame.

It seems impossible at this point to be very accurate in predicting what we are in for. The weather is in many ways spinning out of control thanks in no small part to these insane geoengineering programs.

Another Californian

I've noticed this too. I heard the jets flying back and forth just above the cloud cover ceiling a few days ago, then it tapered off.

I suspected that they were fueling the meteorological fires upstream somewhere, like-- just off the coast. This evening I saw proof of that. I don't know if you saw that glimmer of sunlight coming through the clouds just after sundown, but there as a brief opening in the cloud cover about eighty miles west of Redding and beautifully back-lighted by the setting sun, was what looked like hundreds of parallel chemtrails above the cloud ceiling.

I took several pictures of this. I suspect that's what they've been doing. If you've watched the NOAA satellite feed over the last three or four days, you would have seen a beautifully formed, (and rather artificial looking) low pressure system spiral coming in from the Gulf of Alaska (something we usually see in November as you so aptly point out) then it was suddenly disrupted by high winds coming up from the southwest out of nowhere. We had very strong wind gust down here in Redding for the last two days. It has died down as of this afternoon. I think that the HAARP system may have played a role here somewhere with some strategically placed atmospheric heating. Think I'll check out the website where the output is represented in graphic format.