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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

California 10/29/2010

Hi Ax,

During the last chemtrail siege, the number of obituaries about doubled, too. Always goes up for a week after spraying.

A local LVN reports levels of autism and neural disorders in children was at 1 out of 112 and now it’s 1 out of 75 in northern Ca and S. Oregon.

Children are the new canaries in the coal mine, not to mention lung problems; takes about 2-3 days for the spray to descend, then starts the coughing and varies.


10/30/2010 Jamestown, Tennessee

8:45a.m. Spraying right now over Jamestown, TN. Chem-trails everywhere. Called local sheriff office and reported the strange Chem-trails, told him to look at sky over them. Stated he would call someone.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

A Murfreesboro resident- it’s just awful!

A report just came in that, ‘We were headed for Walmart and there were no less that 70-75 x’s, stripes, tic tac toe grids and even double x’s. Extremely long lines today being sprayed at a much, much lower altitude.’

I felt great when I woke up but 2 hours after returning from going out, my throat feels like it’s been chemically burned. Raw meat. It’s terrible, my throat feels like it’s been scalded and my nose is burning.

They are still laying the lines of these sprayed “clouds” down everywhere. I have never seen it like this in the last 6 years I have been watching them do this.

I need to plant my new mums but I’m afraid to go out in this, there is so much stuff in the air.’

Nashville, Tennessee

Another report: ‘I am a devout newspaper reader and as morbid as it may sound, I read the obituaries every day and have for years. I have watched these airplanes for about 6 years now and noticed that every time there is a heavy spraying, the obituaries go from 18-20 deaths, to as high as 87.

This is Nashville’s #1 paper, the Tennessean. I have watched this and about 3-10 days after a major spraying bout, the obituaries skyrocket. I am very concerned. Everybody in my family is coughing and hacking. My mother is usually vibrant, and is going to bed now at 5 or earlier. She has been coughing up what looks like little hard pieces of plastic and never smoked in her life.

I don’t know what this is all about, but between being a permanent supporter of Ibuprofen manufacturers for my permanent new sinus headache, and constant fatigue from hacking all day, I am worn out.

Something is happening in my joints also, that I’ve never had before.

10-30-2010- This is Saturday afternoon, from Woodbury, Tennessee, about 50 miles from Nashville.

As you can see, this is NOT your contrail that dissolves or evaporates. This is a chemtrail that hangs, floats and joins together with other trails, to form “fake cloud” banks. This all was within a 4 hour window.

This may seem a harmless and cool project until you know what these “fake” clouds contain. That is where we have a major problem. The content has been tested and in 99% of the tests, contains poisons and heavy metals that are dangerous for living organisms and highly invasive to our land and wildlife. It kills living organisms and cells.



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