Chemtrail Report: Chemtrails abound!! 11/20-2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chemtrails abound!! 11/20-2010


Well folks, here in Tennessee, we thought we were getting a little break but it was noticed that late last night, against a very full moon, there were at least 6 planes going at it after dark. They must not have remembered that the full moon could give them away.

The trails filtered down from on top of a true cloud cover today, all day. It looked like cumulus clouds being mixed with cirrus clouds, which as many know, is impossible.

California is reporting far more excess in their spraying out there. They are saying that they spraying is so intense that sometimes you can’t even tell where the horizon begins and the ground starts. It is a grey mass of cloud cover blanketing Northern California.

I feel sorry for those folks. We had the same thing here most all summer and heaven knows what side effects this will deliver in time.



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