Chemtrail Report: Commentary on Chemtrails 12/7/2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Commentary on Chemtrails 12/7/2010

11/07/10 West Virgina

Heard on your show yesterday - when the guy from W Virginia called. I grew some great Virginia tobacco this year - (seed from W Virginia )

I THINK YOUR RIGHT ON THE MONEY - The bastards are targeting Americas food production - No wonder about what happened in the gulf of Mexico ---Accident ? Just so they can peddle their worthless Monsanto GMO seed and GMO fish-

They are insane because if they kill everyone with this Aluminum- Who will buy their food ?

They are burning the GMO corn fields in Europe - maybe the owners of Monsanto and Raytheon should get burned too-

I Say - Off With Their Heads !!!!!!!!!!!

and I want my Statue of Liberty Back!



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