Chemtrail Report: HAARP FIRED??? Scared the locals!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HAARP FIRED??? Scared the locals!

10-30-2010- This is Saturday morning from a “hollow” out in the woods, with about a 35 degree angle of visibility.

Tennessee 10-23-10.

Haarp, FIRED? Observed chem-trails over Pall Mall, TN. 7:00 p.m. until 9:00p.m. or so, by large planes. Also seen by the kids. It looked like a net over the world (as far as the eye could see!). Then from the North a V shaped beam? Later it looked like a bubble and dissipated. I had never heard of HAARP. It was so scary the next day, I looked up odd con-trails on u-tube and saw the patterns of actual CHEMTRAILS like we observed. I called MSNBC and reported what we had seen.

It was a grade school get together in the woods, behind the Sergeant York house. Lots of children were there including MINE! My father was a 32 year USAF MP and I have seen lots of planes, but never a con-trail pattern (net) around the world. It looked like a balloon being blown up into space.

Everyone thought it was weird and IT SCARED the Hell out of me. I knew it was not natural. You are the only other person that has seen this. We just had some, if not the worst weather in history. Our temp was 35-40f and the next nite, near 80F. Weird!



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