Chemtrail Report: Major Chemtrail action- Nationwide!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Major Chemtrail action- Nationwide!!

Chemtrail Report

A couple pictures from here in Tennessee- 10/17/2010
These are the results of about 3 hours of spraying. This is what happens after the aircraft lay out all those lines, when they spread apart and join together. Look familiar? More to follow. Send in your pics!

Statement from a 35 year USDA scientist.

The patent is owned by a Mr. Welsbach, who leased it to the military (Raytheon), and they do the spraying. Principal patent components are nano particles of aluminum, barium, and strontium oxides, possibly also hydroxides of Al. Google and good luck. This is also what you get in the EPA lab rain water samples. Figures....


US PATENT #5003186. Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction of Global Warming. Patented March 26, 1991.

From Florida

Yes Howard, the chemical spraying is affecting our largest river here in North Florida, the ST. Johns. We have had massive fish kills, something they call algae blooms. I had never heard of until last year, and as I told you before, it is affecting my health, sinuses, etc., mostly a lot of fatigue. I have always been a go getter'. I have friends who are having some of the same symptoms and one that is bed ridden, she used to eat a lot of fish from local creeks, now she can hardly eat at all, been bedridden for about 4 years now. She also has asthma. So, yes, I think the bastards are trying to kill us. Did I mention that the soil is so dry and thin that the crops around here did nothing this summer? I have a friend who has planted a winter crop, will let you know later how it grows. Anyway, my contribution.

From California

An update: All the NOAA forecasts have been radically changed for the next few months. Only a week plus ago, the NOAA maps showed no rain till at least NOV and then only spotty rain.

Now, in that same week, we not only are experiencing deluge, the forecasts for the next three plus months have radically been changed. They show a loads of precipitation for the next two weeks + and more than average for the next three months. Have they changed the scheduled weather for us?

Two PH tests on the rain from yesterday showed normal PH. (No aluminum oxide which dramatically raises rain PH. No aluminum, PH of about 5.6, with al, as high as 6.8. A difference of 12 times toward alkaline). The rain PH tests have matched lab aluminum tests completely. Are they using other components for weather mod? I spent four hours out in the rain yesterday and heard only 1 jet the entire time. During other precipitation events, when the PH is high, the sound of passing jets never dies. Literally many dozens of flyovers would be heard during the same time frame.

It seems impossible at this point to be very accurate in predicting what we are in for. The weather is in many ways spinning out of control thanks in no small part to these insane geoengineering programs.

Another Californian

I've noticed this too. I heard the jets flying back and forth just above the cloud cover ceiling a few days ago, then it tapered off.

I suspected that they were fueling the meteorological fires upstream somewhere, like-- just off the coast. This evening I saw proof of that. I don't know if you saw that glimmer of sunlight coming through the clouds just after sundown, but there as a brief opening in the cloud cover about eighty miles west of Redding and beautifully back-lighted by the setting sun, was what looked like hundreds of parallel chemtrails above the cloud ceiling.

I took several pictures of this. I suspect that's what they've been doing. If you've watched the NOAA satellite feed over the last three or four days, you would have seen a beautifully formed, (and rather artificial looking) low pressure system spiral coming in from the Gulf of Alaska (something we usually see in November as you so aptly point out) then it was suddenly disrupted by high winds coming up from the southwest out of nowhere. We had very strong wind gust down here in Redding for the last two days. It has died down as of this afternoon. I think that the HAARP system may have played a role here somewhere with some strategically placed atmospheric heating. Think I'll check out the website where the output is represented in graphic format.



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