Chemtrail Report: Merry Christmas!! We made it to another one!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!! We made it to another one!!!

Merry Christmas Folks,

Today's chemtrail report is on the day before Christmas. I hate to report gloom and doom at such a wonderful time of year, but it's the job I promised I would do. On the upside, we've made it to another Christmas! Hallelujah!

Today-  12/24/2010

The skies of Tennessee today, are covered completely. These large white jets sprayed all night last night, left to reload and have come back again. They are wearing our skies out. We can only hope the pilots and their bosses get the same benefits we do, from working around all these toxic heavy metals and chemicals that they're spraying.

There is so much "Chemtrail" spray in the air, the fine particulate matter is falling in wisps of extremely fine material, almost like a veil or fog.   You can see it in the air everywhere, even around our homes here in the valley we live in. And, as far as the eye can see. There is no blue left, only a milky, whitened sky, from horizon to horizon. No more blue sky or sunshine, like earlier this morning. Nashville and all surrounding areas for over a hundred miles, are blanketed with these sprayed fake cloud materials.

I am hearing reports from everywhere. Everyone is coughing and hacking, throats are sore, eyes are itching, major sinus irritation and mucous membranes so sensitive, it's almost like they are getting "thinner". Sores around the mouth, nose, etc. that don't heal as quickly as they used to. Doctors can't seem to do anything to cure it. These reports are coming in more and more everyday. A large percentage of these reports are from people that heve never smoked a cigarette in their life. Violently irritated respitory and sinuses seems to be among the main complaints.

Just to remind... The side effects of breathing in nano sized particles of aluminum, barium and thorium are:
  1. Absent minded, no consistent concentration
  2. Memory inconsistent
  3. Dementia
  4. Immune system definciency
  5. Alzheimers disease
  6. Neurological disorders
There are a number of other side effects as well. We don't know the overall effects on respitory, mucous membrane and sinus systems, but one thing for sure; it isn't normal or good for any living organism. It is killing fish, other aquatic life (fish food), animals and birds, etc. It is poisoning our water nationwide and further and the real estate we grow our food supplies on. It is raising the PH of the soils to the point various crops won't grow where they used to. There you have it... our food supply, water and our air. It doesn't get anymore serious than that with one exception: our health.

There is an  excellent new documentary out by Michael Murphy "What In The World Are They Spraying", that explains this Global spraying project in detail. Highly recommended to see and understand. Buy it at and learn.

This massive Global geoengineering project is affecting everything and everyone. If medical science is correct about the effects of the huge amount of these chemicals being sprayed on us, 2011 will not end well. Everyone will suffer from this. Learn and be proactive. If this isn't stopped, evolution as we know it will be changed forever. It can and will kill us.

Above all this rises the spirit of another wonderful Christmas!

On the day before Christmas, I awoke in surprise
They’d been up all night spraying the skies
Milky wisps and long colored plumes
With trails of glitter and barium too!

I look to the South, I look to the West
Lo and behold they’ve done their best yet
Spraying Chemtrail clouds to cover the blue
No one is sure why they do what they do.

They made real sure and sprayed once again
A few final passes, to fill it all in
With a wink of an eye, as the sun came up
They headed for home, for that last Christmas rush!

They must be pleased, they’ve done a good job
As the sprinkles float down over Sugar Tree Knob
There will be no worries, so take a deep breath
A lovely grey day from those who bring death.

The village lives on and the people rejoice
No matter the challenge, they still see a choice
To love one another and respect as we can
It’s Christmas again, just like we planned!


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