Chemtrail Report: They are pumping the Chemtrails into us!!! 10-22010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

They are pumping the Chemtrails into us!!! 10-22010

California – South America 10/27/2010

Hello Mark,
Thanks for getting this important and alarming data to Howard. Perhaps Howard might want to put you on the air with this health data?

On Oct 26, 2010, at 6:14 PM, Mark McCandlish wrote:

You are correct; there have been scientific studies conducted, but they DO know how this will all turn out. Do a Google search under the heading: "Toxicological Effects of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles". You will find a site that shows the study (click on the link) that was conducted by the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio between June of 1993 and March of 2001 under the Human Efficiency Program and is filed as an unclassified document with the Defense Technical Intelligence Center (DTIC).

Note the names of the scientists involved in nanoparticle studies. Their names surface over and over again in this arena. Google their names to see other studies they've been involved in. The magnitude of the research into the effects on humans is rather startling. None of it good from my initial examination of it...

It described the toxicological effects on rat "alveolar Macrophages" (white blood cells-- part of the immune system). Exposure to nanoparticles of Aluminum Oxide inhibits or stops macrophage phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is the process whereby a white blood cell detects a pathogen or other invasive object in your body, and engulfs it; then carries it out through the kidneys and urinary tract. If you can stop this process, you can make the organism (human beings) that employs this method of immune response more vulnerable to infection. There are other immune responses, like your killer T-cells of course, but exposure to certain sizes of Aluminum oxide nanoparticles will suppress your immune system. They even dialed in which sizes work the best. It also affects the activity of the Mitochondria INSIDE your cells that gobble up toxins that are harmful. If the chemtrail spraying campaign began in 1997-8, then it means they already had some idea that this practice was going to be harmful. And they're doing it anyway!

Some further reading on my part indicates that food grade Bentonite clay powder in capsules (yes, the same stuff in kitty litter!) and a supplement called EDTA has the ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals-including Mercury and Aluminum inside your body and carry it out through the digestive system. From discussions I've had, with people in the know, it will also absorb other "helpful" minerals in your system, so supplementation with a good multivitamin is also a good idea.

Warm regards to all,
Mark McCandlish
Redding California

California science reply 10/27/2010

Mr Axtell:

This man's statement has a ring of truth. For enzyme attachment to neurons or other human cells, certain sizes of these nanoparticles fit better than others as a sort of "Mock Replacement" that fits but won't work. This is one of the causes and/or complication items of prion diseases such as Mad Cow, Autism, Parkinsons, and some immune-deficiency diseases. I'm not sure I'm getting that right, but so it was explained to me by Dr. Leo, a PhD in Chemistry. I only have a MS in Zoology, which is yet enough to grasp the biological problem, if not explain it fully. Where is the EIS for what these gun guys are spraying?




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