Chemtrail Report: January 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Chemtrails and murder link??

Hello folks,

On the day before this Saturday's Human Food Factor Show at Liberty News Radio, heads are reeling over the massive assault of events and media spin from this last week. From 10's of thousands of dead birds killed by their organs exploding in midair, to millions of dead fish and crab appearing all around the world. The murder of a top military emisary, now linked to top secret contractors being linked to everything from 9-11 to malfunctioning aerosol systems on chemtrail delivery aircraft; 767 aircraft reportedly carrying illegal Iraqi warfare chemicals back to the Mid East, for an unknown purpose.

These stories are circulating unabashed like a wildfire over the internet and mainstream media. Thank God for the internet; so many eyes and ears, finding and sharing information. Information that allows each and every one of us to make better and more informed conclusions, deductions and decisions. So many eyes and ears, interconnected. It is beautiful. It is allowing the truth to be found and common sense to be used to make our own decisions. Decisions in a world where spin and outright lies have become the name of the game.

Many of the events of this week (excluding the official tradeoff of the House), might be interconnected. To the casual eye, only shocking stories. However, after following all the links and names named, the information concerning so called "non-profit" contractors and their "special relationships" with the military and intelligence community, soon made me feel very much like I was trespassing. Step by step, I followed the crumbs from "weather mitigation" projects to particle beam R&D. Nationwide social control systems and implementation programs between these "special contractors" and the IRS, FAA, DOD, DOE and last but not least, the Veterans Administration. Talk about reaching out and touching everyone!

My God. I had no idea... actually I did, but I have never had seen it like this in evidenced format. No spin, no media twist, no bull. The darkest and most dangerous world on the planet. It's no wonder no one is stepping up to take claim for all the good "stuff" they are spraying. It's no wonder politicians won't answer requests for information from the public. They are scared to death of it and it's off limits to anyone but the CFR, the shadow government (the people who tell the government when and what to do next) and anyone else without a top secret and classified status in the upper echelons of the military complex.

Even if you do have these qualifications, you too could end up in a dumpster! Where are these guys getting all these funds!!!!!!

We are the ants. We are the controlled and regulated element, until we decide differently. We are to be quiet and stay in our boxes until told what to do next... OR ELSE. And, when you've looked this stuff up for yourself, you'll see exactly what I mean. I have heard it said, 'they are either ignorant or evil.' Sorry folks, these people are anything but ignorant. It is the most evil comic book reality, we could ever imagine. If America's military complex is setting the world stage for offensive and defensive presidence, this planet is cocked for the most unimagineable warfare theatre ever. If it is ever justified to engage by these people, what will follow is the termination of life as we know it. It will make every warped out movie we've ever seen come to reality.

This weeks events have opened a can of worms like I have never seen. Look up everyone and everything involved with these events and see with your own eyes. Make your own decision as to where your line is drawn in the sand.

Secondly, watching the dance of the White House politicians passing the baton, as some move on to new ground, being replaced by more old buddies that have worked for other old buddies in past administrations. It is the same story folks. The good guys are outweighed by these old families, the Bush's, Clinton's, Carter's and Barak Hussein's old buddies in the mega financial arena and they are passing the baton back and forth, for the same destination.

We are surrounded by these liars, cheats and theives who are hell bent to destroy our way of life in America and our planet. FREEDOM, the only guaranty in our pursuit of happiness. We cannot let these evil people destroy us and our way of life. Find your line in the sand, prepare, hope for the best and know who your friends are. No matter how whacked out it sounds, the only way anyone can honestly make this decision is to do some lifting. Be responsible and look this stuff up quick, before the information disappears, like in educational curriculums. Just look, get a basis for a responsible conclusion. Then decide what is for you.

So much and so little obstruction where it is needed. It is appalling what is going on in this country.

Wake up with me!


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