Chemtrail Report: Chemtrail Report- 3-10-2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chemtrail Report- 3-10-2012

Well folks, our syndicated radio show, The Human Food Factor at 8-10 PM Eastern on Saturday's, has been covering this from Alaska to Hawaii, Washington State to Florida and California to NY. Everyone is calling in and telling us and our audience what is going on in their areas. Call in and tell everyone what is happening in your area- 1-800-313-9443!

It is appalling. People are sick everywhere from this huge new onslaught of aircraft being added to this process. On any given day here in Tennessee, 15-35 large jet aircraft are dumping huge amounts of these toxic heavy metals into our skies. This must be their idea of the end game because it is obvious they simply don't care that we know anymore. The sky is being filled with these noxious chemicals until the entire sky, horizon to horizon, is covered by these persistant cloud trails being spewed out. The doctor offices are being filled up daily and huge amounts of powerful antibiotics and steroids are being injected, most before the doctor has even seen the patient. This is with the pre diagnosis excuse, 'you've got the "crud".'

I don't know and we all wonder what the end game is. The "WHY" to what they are doing. Please folks, keep calling in and tell everyone what is going on in your area! We do know that the by products of manufacturing produce toxic waste and this might be their answer for disposal. This would be similar to the disposing of radioactive waste by putting it in the munitions that our soldiers are riding around with in the Mid East. Maybe that's why 99% of discharged soldiers are leaving with a 100% disability rating.

This is a serious problem and we all need to at least be aware of it, it's overall ramifications and it's existance. Nothing any of us has done has had any effect in stopping or even effecting the process. It has only amplified. Obviously, the perps could care less and we are helpless for now. At least we can monitor health and the areas being sprayed.


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